Take Care of Your         Patients         with EliseAI

With Artificial Intelligence That Makes Going to the Doctor Easier

Integrate to Reduce Human Error

Use and Update Your Data Securely with AI

EliseAI integrates with your EHR, PMS, and RCM systems, without disrupting your existing workflows. Once Elise has synced with your systems, they can store and update patient data securely as it changes, reducing the chances of malpractice.

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AI To Manage All Patient Outreach

EliseAI’s platform serves as a main point of contact for patients to get their questions answered, appointments booked, and forms completed. Our AI conveniently replies to patients using every major communication method.





Increased Efficiency For Improved Healthcare

EliseAI Empowers Teams to Provide and Perform Their Best

Your AI assistant streamlines administrative tasks so you can reduce the cost of providing quality healthcare and cultivate a better environment for patients.

Automate Outreach

Your admins can reduce the time spent answering emails, on the phone, or even texting patients back and focus more on the patients in-office.

Increase Appointments

Book new patients and help more people without any schedule conflicts or risk of overbooking, with EliseAI’s advanced scheduling solutions.

Reduce Operational Burden and Cost

EliseAI communicates consistently with patients, tracking their progress and following-up, to boost provider productivity, reduce no-shows, and increase collections.

Keep A Personal Touch

Patients need to know you care — Elise’s natural language processing and machine learning capabilities make her interactions feel human, ensuring patients are getting personal and mindful responses.

Deeper Communication and Connection

Convenient And Personalized AI-To-Patient Interaction

Through machine learning and natural language processing, EliseAI’s automated patient management will always feel human. Elise can take care of all pre-and-post-appointment tasks and is readily available to patients when they need answers or have questions.

Easier to Schedule

Patients can book appointments with Elise, who is able to cross compare their availability with physician’s schedules and preferences.

After-Hours Responses

No one in office? That’s no problem. Elise works 24/7 to make sure every inquiry and request is handled.

Provide Billing

Increase collections and decrease operational costs by helping patients understand their bills and automating outreach.

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Transform Healthcare for Providers and Patients

The future of healthcare is AI-powered. Use EliseAI to improve the quality of care, securely collect and store patient data, reduce task management for your admins, and lower your operating costs.

Improve care, securely store data, streamline admin tasks and lower costs with EliseAI.