EliseAI for Healthcare

A new level of
patient engagement.

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The AI assistant that manages patient conversations.

Elise automatically handles the following interactions with patients, all without losing the human touch:

Answering patient questions

Onboarding new patients

Scheduling and managing appointments

Reminders and followups




Improve patient experience while reducing administrative burden.

Integrates with your current EHR, CRM, and patient management systems to automate business processes and ensure data accuracy.

Easy to setup

Human conversations and responses. Elise is constantly learning how to better communicate, ensuring that a human touch will never be lost.

Customize your AI

Elise keeps your teams up to date with notifications, AI activity and performance reports.

Notifies the appropriate team members when an action happens

Activity and reporting
through the EliseAI app

Seamless experience for your patients.

Patient questions
answered right away.

Accurate information provided

Multiple questions handled with ease

Slang, spelling and grammar
mistake understanding.

Onboard new patients and
quickly get them started.

Provides relevant information

Gathers necessary patient details

Evaluates insurance eligibility

Fast appointment booking
and updates.

Schedule based on your availabilty

Rescheduling and cancelling mangement

Reminders and appointment questions

Post-visit followups


Meet the conversational AI that everyone’s talking about. Our highly-rated AI improves your bottom line with improved patient experiences and decreased administrative costs.
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