AI in Multifamily: From Nice-to-Have, to Necessities

Nate Shames

January 27, 2023

In this special guest feature, Minna Song, CEO of MeetElise, offers a better understanding of why AI is no longer a nice-to-have tool in the PropTech industry, but rather a necessary facet that is required for your multifamily business to be successful. Minna is the co-founder and CEO of MeetElise, an AI leasing agent set to bring efficiency to leasing. She is a graduate of MIT with a degree in Computer Science. Minna resides in New York City.

If you had heard about artificial intelligence (AI) technology in multifamily 5 years ago, you would likely think of it as not being applicable to your business. Rather, you may have opted to instead look towards adopting and integrating the latest feature of an existing AI tool that showcased obvious benefits to your business’s operating model.

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