Introducing Elise VoiceAI, Capable Of Picking Up Any And Every Call

KT Heins-Nagamoto

August 22, 2023

AI technology continues to evolve and surprise us. Voice-activated artificial intelligence has emerged as a powerful weapon for malicious actors, with voice clones to replicate world leaders (like Ukrainian President Zelensky) to spread misinformation during times of crisis. These disturbing examples show that AI developed without intention or rules can be used to run amok.  

In contrast, our approach to creating AI at EliseAI is fundamentally different. We assert that,  when harnessed thoughtfully, AI can be a catalyst for meaningful improvement in quality of life. EliseAI builds AI responsibly to address crucial global challenges, starting with housing. This emphasis on intentional use ensures that AI is not an unruly force but a tool to bring about significant, positive changes.

Elise VoiceAI: A Revolution in Leasing

We are proud to present Elise VoiceAI, a ground-breaking solution in multifamily and single-family housing. This advanced voice-activated AI has been specifically designed to enrich the renter experience and to positively impact financial outcomes for real estate operators.

Say hi, Elise.

Elise VoiceAI Operates Differently 

Imagine spending hours trying to reach leasing offices, often with no response.  You’ve left voicemails and been on hold for hours with call centers. Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon; about 50% of calls to leasing offices are left unanswered daily. 

With Elise VoiceAI, no call goes unanswered. Elise provides needed information, answers questions, and schedules tours with ease. 

Renter-centric and Efficient

With Elise VoiceAI, we prioritized building a product that is easy and intuitive for all renters. The AI provides a conversational experience that helps renters get the information they need to move forward in their search. Elise VoiceAI can hold a real human-like conversation, far surpassing the limited capabilities of traditional automated systems.

AI Implementation: Beneficial for Business and Customers

At present, leasing operators are grappling with a host of challenges. Over-reliance on strained leasing teams or expensive call centers are common issues leading to inefficiencies and diminished customer satisfaction. With employee turnover rates growing to as high as 75% per year, maintaining a high level of customer service can be overwhelming and costly.

Elise VoiceAI represents a practical, cost-effective alternative. For the first time, operators can reduce overhead on training and retention and significantly improve customer service standards by using advanced AI.

Download our Call Center Vs. VoiceAI Comparison Report 

Elise VoiceAI is specifically designed for property management. Its proprietary data set, derived from numerous prospective renter and resident conversations, allows it to perform the role of an informed customer representative without the limitations of a typical call center. 

Elise VoiceAI…

  • Provides brand-safe interactions 24/7. EliseAI provides consistent, quality customer service at all hours.
  • Anticipates prospect needs. Developed with data from thousands of renter-agent interactions, Elise VoiceAI proactively identifies user needs for a personalized experience.
  • Provides comprehensive information. Seamlessly integrates with existing property management systems to recall information that a prospect needs instantly.
  • Continuously learns. Elise VoiceAI evolves from each interaction, enhancing its knowledge and skills every day without training.
  • Is customizable. EliseAI can cater to diverse user or community needs through customizable options.

The Long-Term Effect On Housing 

CBRE foresees that over 700k new multifamily housing units will hit the market over the next two years, especially in major metropolitan areas like Austin, Dallas, and New York.  

Automation will be a key element in handling growth without sacrificing customer satisfaction or drastically increasing expenses.

EliseAI can save teams 2-3 hours daily with AI-powered email, text, chat, and now Elise VoiceAI, giving them the time to focus on enhancing in-person experiences for prospects. The perfect blend of AI and human skills allows for the optimal renter journey, with AI managing routine tasks and humans focusing on areas where they naturally excel.

(EliseAI’s next vertical is healthcare, where Voice can be just as powerful for patients seeking care.)

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