The True Power Of Integration With EliseAI

Minna Song

February 10, 2023

With the real estate market showing signs of slowing down and rent growth plateauing in major cities, it's a critical time to take a closer look at your tech stack and future-proof your operations. By integrating all your data, you can upgrade your property management and give prospects and residents a better experience. This includes simplifying tasks, getting real-time data and analytics, and improving communication.

Integrating your current property management system (PMS) or customer relationship management (CRM) with EliseAI can bring significant benefits. Our AI platform can make your operations more efficient, streamline workflows, and improve productivity. Let’s walk through how EliseAI can transform your existing processes.

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Four Benefits Of Integrating With EliseAI

1. Deep Data Collection and Transparency

By integrating all of your systems with EliseAI, you'll give your AI the power to evolve. With seamless connections, your AI Leasing Assistant will have access to more information, allowing it to provide more accurate answers. The more data the AI receives, the more it can adapt its responses to resemble human interactions.

Not only that, but you can also harness the power of the information gathered through EliseAI's chats to revolutionize your business practices. For instance, if prospects prefer specific tour times, you can make data-driven adjustments to your operating schedules. If prospective residents repeatedly inquire about certain amenities, that data can help you make long term investments into your assets to appeal to today’s renters.

All the information is centralized in one platform, making it simple for stakeholders such as leasing teams, regional and property managers to access and utilize as needed. With integration, you have the flexibility to choose which data to display and how to display it.

2. Improved Agent Performance

By integrating with EliseAI, you're taking a big step toward elevating the day-to-day work of your teams and extending their bandwidth through efficiencies. On average, EliseAI saves leasing teams 2-3 hours per day. For instance, after integrating, your AI Assistant will take care of scheduling and tracking tours using the agent availability and office hours directly from your CRM/PMS.

This extra time can be used by leasing teams to focus on conducting more tours and closing as well as exceeding service expectations of your current residents. And with EliseAI's integration, you can track performance through EliseCRM and benefit from its advanced reporting features.

3. Elevated Prospect And Resident Experience  

With EliseAI handling all communications, scheduling, lead nurturing and re-marketing, you have the opportunity to reassess how you leverage your staff for revenue-generating activities and rely on EliseAI for consistent and accurate communication. This can have a significant impact on your revenue - studies show that renters who receive a response from EliseAI within minutes are more likely to tour units that are 15% outside of their budget. 

Additionally, as soon as the interaction between the prospect and your AI Leasing Assistant begins, data collection starts, allowing your AI to personalize its responses to meet the prospect's needs. Agents are then provided with specific information about the prospect before any in-person interaction, making both the AI and agent experience with the prospect more memorable.

Looking to the future: As you extend AI to your resident management, you can use the data collected throughout the entire renter funnel to better manage prospects and residents. This includes the ability for residents to communicate with your AI Assistant for all of their needs.

4. Better Leveraged Proptech Stack Overall

When all of your software is connected through one platform, you can keep track of your proptech tools and make sure everything is running smoothly. Executives and management teams can use EliseAI and EliseCRM to see the money and time saved from having less empty units and the benefits of having happier staff.

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