The Value of Immediate Responses

Nate Shames

January 27, 2023

What used to be done through telephone and physical mail has been replaced by digital pathways and workflows. The result has been an increase in companies’ ability to serve customers and respond to needs and requests.

But this has significant implications for the expectations that customers now bring to their interactions with companies providing them services. The internet has completely altered expectations around customer support and communication. People are no longer willing to wait for long periods of time on hold.

42% of consumers in a recent HubSpot survey indicated that having a customer service action be done quickly is a basic expectation of theirs. A study from PwC indicated that speed is the single most important factor to American consumers regarding customer service, with nearly 60% of people saying that they would pay more to get things done more quickly.

While leasing an apartment is a much more significant decision than purchasing a consumer item, there’s no reason to believe that people are not bringing the same expectations they have for any service provider to the provider of their housing. In fact, given the fact that housing is most likely the single largest financial commitment a person makes in a year, it’s safe to assume that their expectations around service are even more stringent.

It’s one thing if you don’t get a question you need answered about a blender you just ordered. It’s a very different thing if you are left hanging on a question about your housing!

Immediate responses to prospective tenant questions builds trust between a community and that prospective tenant. If they can get all of their questions answered quickly and efficiently then they know that they will be taken care of in that community.

Immediate responses help communities and property managers stand out as the premier provider of service. And there’s nothing more important when your business requires people to make their largest single financial commitment.


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