At EliseAI, our skilled team of engineers, sales and operations talent is building the future of conversational AI.

Our state-of-the-art AI platform enables us to automate hundreds of different conversations and the business processes connected to them, making possible a whole new level of customer service.

Elise was created using Natural Language Processing and advanced machine learning. Our AI interprets nuanced conversations similar to how a human would. Unlike chatbots, Elise looks beyond keywords to understand the motives and context behind what someone is saying - and then responds in an authentic and intuitive way.

Our Team

Our company was born with a powerful vision: to improve business efficiency without sacrificing human connection to make quality housing more accessible. With that vision in mind, we built Elise — our revolutionary conversational AI that can answer any and every question in real time, automate business processes, and allow seamless collaboration between teams.
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Our impact on housing

We realized that there was a need for quality housing — so we built a solution. We’re using machine learning to address one of the key hurdles in rental housing advancement: operational inefficiencies. Today, businesses of all sizes use EliseAI to complement human capabilities, automate community operations, practice more inclusive tenant qualification, and overcome the supply and demand mismatch that can drive up costs.

With Elise on your team, your agents can free up time in their schedules, deliver exceptional customer service, maximize efficiency, and streamline communications with prospects. Our software has been deployed by some of the largest multifamily property management companies,
Our leasing teams using MeetElise quickly adopted the tool based on its consistency in response quality, ability to follow up, and the ability to schedule appointments. These teams have experienced a significant reduction in time spent managing new lead traffic. They now consider their AI leasing assistant a part of the team.
Kristin Hupfer, VP, National Sales
Equity Residential
[MeetElise] provided attentive and diligent follow-up when helping me find my new home! It made choosing between you and alternatives very difficult.
Janice Fry, Renter
MeetElise made our dream a reality - we are now able to respond to our customers anytime, any day, any hour. We couldn't have done it without their amazing technology.
Ofer Yardeni, Chairman and CEO Stonehenge Management