One Hub, Multiple Properties

Centralize Operating    Entirely

Your central leasing office is meant to manage multiple properties from one location. Our advanced AI makes it easy to organize business operations and ensure your team is providing exceptional service.

See The Difference That AI Makes

See How EliseCLO Makes
a Difference

Elise adapts easily to your centralized leasing office, allowing you to see all your community data in one place, book tours with both agent and prospect needs in mind, and deliver consistently outstanding service across all your properties.

Smart Booking

Your AI assistant automatically schedules tours, allows prospects to book their own self-guided tours, and even adjusts for the time an agent might need to travel from one property or unit to another.

Syncs Automatically

EliseAI syncs customer conversations and tour data automatically for any of your associated buildings.

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Your Central Leasing Office — Optimized

If you’re using a centralized leasing office, then you’re already prioritizing efficiency, cutting costs, and aiming to reach new tenants. Integrating with EliseAI can transform your operations and help your team work even smarter.