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A Comprehensive CRM Solution

EliseCRM Simplifies Prospect Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies manage properties, prospects, and team schedules. Whether you have a central leasing office or don't yet have a CRM, EliseCRM can streamline your workflow.

Whether you have a central leasing office or don't yet have a CRM, EliseCRM can streamline your workflow.

Business Benefits

One Platform to Save
You Time

EliseCRM is built with your business needs in mind. Now you can manage interactions, track performance, and view the entire renter funnel at a glance.


Workflow Automated

Maximize Your Time

Your AI Assistant handles 90% of all prospect interactions. EliseCRM enables agents to manage the remaining 10% easily and efficiently

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Central Leasing Office Management

EliseCRM manages your centralized leasing office setups, with features like calendar view, conversations by building and phone routing for multiple buildings.

Transparent Tracking

Track, compare, and improve all communities with metrics like conversion rates and conversation health. Filter by channel, marketing source, and date range.

Syncs With Your Systems

EliseCRM automatically syncs with your existing PMS and external calendars, to keep renter data up to date and quickly schedule tours without double-booking.

We used MeetElise with our last management company and it was 100% beneficial. It scheduled our appointments and did all of the leg work, and we closed the deal.

– Customer, Marlin Spring

User Benefits

Smarter CRM, Better Conversations

Use EliseAI’s Conversations tool to help your team stay updated about the status of prospect interactions across multiple channels and see when an agent response is needed.

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Get the visibility and functionality you need — without switching between different tools. The automated calendar in the EliseAI app helps Elise book tours for prospects and keeps agents updated about all scheduled appointments.

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Make data-driven business decisions by tracking performance across communities with key metrics like conversion rates and conversation health.

Use EliseAI's conversations tool to track prospect interactions and prompt agent response.

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EliseAI CRM automates tour booking and appointment updates.

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Track performance with key metrics for data-driven decisions in communities.

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Optimize and Organize Ops

The Leasing Journey — Simplified

EliseCRM tracks the entire renter funnel, for increased transparency and visibility, so teams have the information they need to improve the prospect experience and their processes.

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Conversation Management

You can always see the status of all your AI-managed prospect conversations, including conversations that have been handed off to onsite agents.

Automatic Syncing

EliseCRM automatically syncs with your existing PMS and external calendars.

Building Better AI

See How We Compare

EliseCRM is an inclusive and robust CRM for properties of all sizes, designed to manage all interactions and data, and track the entire prospect journey from lead to lease.


Other CRMs

View and Manage Prospect Data

Conversations and Calendar Management

Task Management

Cluster / Groups

Sync With Your Systems


AI Reporting and Tracking

Phone management


Integrations Power Elise

EliseAI seamlessly integrates with your systems and uses your data to provide prospects with up-to-date information about availability, pricing, features, and more.

AI Learning

Elise uses your data to power its responses, learning and adapting to your business needs.

Syncs and Updates

When Elise performs a task like answering a question or handling a request, it automatically updates the appropriate sources.


Increase in Appointment Conversion

In all of the apartment searching and correspondence I've done over the past month, your reply was the kindest and most informative and I can't tell you how, just... nice it was.

– Renter

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