Automated Email Communications

Intelligent Email, Powered         by AI

Our AI Assistant always remembers to respond. Elise handles common questions and requests, schedules tours, and saves your team time.

Business Benefits

EliseAI Improves Leasing End-To-End

Our advanced AI makes teams more efficient by helping you stay on top of your inbox. Elise manages all incoming prospect emails across multiple channels and makes sure you never miss a follow-up.


New Leads Engaged Per Month

Increased Efficiency

Elise automates communication, increases lead-to-tour conversion, and frees up more time.

More Prospect Engagement

Elise manages multiple channels at once, including contact forms or an ILS, so you can reach more renters from more marketing sources.

Personalize Emails Effortlessly

You can customize your AI assistant’s name, email address, and signature, for more human and friendly interactions.

Easy to Integrate

Your AI assistant can use and update data from your CRM/PMS, providing prospects with accurate answers and keeping leasing teams up to date.

Most people will come in and ask to meet with Elise. They think she's a real person. Elise sets the tone for the tour and this gives us the momentum we need to close the sale.

– Customer, Marlin Spring

User Benefits

Here’s How Elise Helps Prospects

Elise builds better relationships with prospects and nurtures leads through every step of the leasing process.

Instant Replies, Any Time

Elise responds within minutes, even after hours — so prospects get the information they need no matter what.

Accurate Answers Always

Elise syncs with your CRM/PMS to provide detailed and helpful answers to prospect questions, and increasing close rate.

Conversational And Authentic

Machine Learning makes Elise sound human, making interactions feel more friendly. Your AI assistant understands typos and grammatical errors.

Building Better AI

See How We Compare

Elise is more advanced than your average chatbot, integrates seamlessly with your systems, and provides a better experience for your team and for renters.



Machine Learning

Natural Language

Lead Response

Tour Booking


Responds to Multiple Questions

Hey Elise,

Can you book me a tour for Friday?


AI Sent Messages

Brilliant! Thank you so much for being so responsive - I am having a hard time with getting someone to reply at all, let alone with this much detail!

– Renter

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