On-The-Go with SMS

Respond to Renters in         Real Time

With AI-powered SMS, they can contact your business 24/7 and hear back instantly.

Business Benefits

Nurture Leads 24/7

Most people have their phone no matter where they are. Elise SMS enables you to communicate with prospects in their preferred format.


Hours Saved

Handles High Volume
Consistent And Quick Replies
AI That Feels Human

We prefer Elise over other competitors. And so we’re excited at bringing Elise
to our properties. It's been working really well here.

– Customer, Cushman & Wakefield

User Benefits

Why Renters Love Elise

Prospects feel like they're texting a real leasing agent who's able to answer their questions quickly and efficiently – no matter where they are or what time it is.

AI At Your Fingertips

Intelligent AI, Custom Built for SMS

Engage more prospects faster with an AI Texting Expert, who replies in real time to tour requests and questions.

Formatted for Text

Elise provides helpful, intelligent responses that are conversational and formatted specifically for text messaging.

Advanced Capabilities

All of Elise’s core features and skills are still available in SMS — including multilingual capabilities, tour scheduling, and the ability to recommend multiple properties to prospects based on their needs.

Building Better AI

See How We Compare

Elise is more advanced than your average chatbot, integrates seamlessly with your systems, and provides a better experience for your team and for renters.



Machine Learning

Natural Language

Lead Response

Tour Booking


Responds to Multiple Questions

Hola Elise,

¿Cuál es el requisito de ingresos?


AI Messages Sent Per Month

I would like to express I truly appreciate how friendly, and informative you have been; as well as acknowledge the great customer service you‚ have given us.

– Renter

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All the answers a prospect needs, right in the palm of their hand. Elise SMS helps leasing teams communicate easily with renters on the go, anytime.

Elise SMS helps leasing teams communicate easily with renters on the go, anytime.