with your systems

Elise seamlessly integrates with your existing data, apps and software to power its conversations and sync AI activity.
PMS and CRM integrations
Elise integrates with common property management systems and CRMs to sync your property data and keep your teams up to date.

We make it easy to integrate your PMS/CRM and get your AI assistant working for you right away.
Custom integrations
Need a custom integration? Looking to connect an additional data source? Elise can add a custom integration to power your AI assistant and sync AI activity. Contact sales for more details.

Integrations power Elise

With your systems connected, Elise can power prospect conversations, keep everything up to date, and enable the automation of your business processes.
AI Learning
Elise uses your data to power its responses and constantly learns and adapts to your business needs.
Syncs and Updates
When Elise performs a task like answering a question or handling a request, it automatically updates the appropriate sources.