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Nearly one-third of American renters move every year. Their demands are high. Operators and owners are investing in more technology to work with short-staffed onsite leasing teams. EliseAI’s conversational leasing assistant can manage all communications from prospects and residents.

EliseAI In Action

Improved Prospect And Agent Experience

EliseAI gathers all the details needed for agents to arrive onsite on time for escorted tours. Agents also have access to all AI conversations in EliseCRM so they can get to know the prospect before the appointment. 

Cross-Sell Quicker Than Your Competitors

EliseAI cross-sells to prospects and recommends apartments from sister communities with more availability based on prospect location and preference.

Consistency Across Communities

Elise uses community-specific data to automate responses to prospects via email, text, phone, and chat. EliseAI increases the number of tours with always accurate information.

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Cardinal increased remote operations to reduce costs and stabilize onsite resources in the face of industry-wide high turnover. Their executive team believes EliseAI to be integral to their unique approach to centralization.

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Sustain impactful prospect communication, advanced data collection, and strategic marketing as your operations evolve.

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