Reduced workload for agents equates to happier prospects

EliseAI is a natural extension of a management team, built to sound and feel like a human leasing agent. The result? Agents have a powerful tool that eliminates tedious tasks and frees up their time. At the same time, prospects benefit from more outreach and personalization at every step of their journey.

Work Less, Do More

Completely Automated

Take typing out emails off your to-do list. EliseAI can reply to multiple prospect inquiries across all your channels instantaneously.

Smarter Scheduling

Your AI can book tours based on your
schedule so that you can optimize your time and achieve maximum results.

Fully Integrated

Using software system integrations, EliseAI can keep data current, auto-populate guest cards, display conversations in real time, organize tasks, and sync with your calendar.

Time Saved Every Day

We save leasing teams 2-3 hours every
single day, allowing them to work on long-term strategic operations and marketing. 

“It works from start to finish. Elise nurtures the lead, generates the lease, and communicates all the way to move in. We don't even have to touch it.”

Amy H.
Regional Property Manager,

“My team loves EliseAI!  We are short-staffed at the moment so it allows my leasing staff to focus on calls and physical traffic while our AI engages our internet traffic.”

Catie H.
Leasing Agent,
EliseAI Client

Renting, made easy

Accurate Answers

Our advanced AI Leasing Assistant answers multiple, complex questions simultaneously and provides accurate personalized responses.

Rapid-Fire Responses

Elise responds to prospects instantly and
can answer all their questions and book a tour within 10 minutes on average.

Engage Any Way

EliseAI is designed to respond via email, chat, phone, and text. Renters can seamlessly switch between channels, and Elise will pick up where they left off.

Frequent Follow-Ups

Whether a prospect has booked a tour or needs a reminder, Elise follows up with more other options from nearby communities, or to check-in on how apartment hunting is going.

Real Renter Quotes

“Thank you for your quick response, even more so at this hour. I had no idea I would receive a reply today, let alone at this time. I greatly appreciate it.”

“Wow! That was fast! You win in terms of customer service.”

“We will see your assistant tomorrow at 1 pm. I appreciate the fluidity and ease of scheduling a tour!”

“It’s nice connecting with a real human when it comes to this search. You're the first to reply!”

Need Elise On The Team?

Increase Productivity & Perfect The Prospect Experience

Your AI Leasing Assistant can automate the majority of online tasks, so agents can focus on making a lasting impression in person.

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