Advanced AI For Back To School Season 

Over 78% of college-aged renters live in student housing off-campus. High demand coupled with high staff turnover can lead to gaps in operations and performance. EliseAI’s advanced AI Leasing Assistant can be trained to manage and market to the specific needs of student prospects.

EliseAI In Action

Total Accuracy & Enhanced Reach

Elise provides accurate responses about location, amenities, policies, and apartment details. Plus shares floor plans, embeds images, and generates virtual tours so remote students can sign site unseen.

High Demand Management

There are only so many hours in a day, but EliseAI responds to prospects 24/7. Automate email, text, phone, and chat and reply to hundreds of prospects at once. 

Qualify More Prospects

EliseAI communicates about per bed pricing, semester-long leases, student-specific income requirements or guarantor policies. This helps agents ensure prospects have the necessary information prior to touring.

Success Story

Owners and operators have to consider the unique needs of student prospects: speedy responses, accurate information, and accessibility. EliseAI partners have seen results that far surpass the competition.

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Student Housing
Management, Simplified

24/7 prospect management, timely and accurate information sharing,
and a fully digital leasing process designed specifically for students 

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